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How to Find a Therapist

as life become overwhelming? Are you having trouble communicating with your significant other? Or maybe you’d just like someone to talk to b

Anxiety & Adoption

Have you ever had to return an adopted pet? Have you thought you were prepared for something only to find out that you severely underestimat

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

t’s easy for me to stick to what I know and my small bubble, but I’m trying to work on that. Especially this month where we’re focusing on s

How I Get Better Sleep

Having good sleep habits is key to living a healthy life. It’s where we gain our energy to take on the day.

Rhythms & Goals

Rhythms support goals. How can having rhythms help you achieve your goals?

Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits, routines, or goals during the summer can be difficult! But we've got you covered!

Welcome Parade

Welcome to Healing Grounds Blog! My name is Shanna and I am very excited that you took interest in what Healing Grounds has to offer! As...

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