F*$%, it's Monday

Soooo, it’s Monday. Mondays are like the weird Uncle Al. No one really talks about him, everyone dreads seeing him at the family reunion and you aren't even sure how he's related. For me, like most people, Mondays used to be my Uncle Al. Sunday night would roll around and the dread would set in. I would spend all week looking forward to Thursday night because that meant that it was nearly Friday, which meant it was almost the weekend! My favorite.. 😎

I mean, who doesn’t love the weekend!?

Between you and me, Monday and I are friends now. Monday has become that girl friend that I enjoy getting coffee with.

As cliché as it sounds… One of the things that became very clear to me during quarantine was just how unhealthy my attitude was and how much that was affecting my mental health. I finally had everything I wanted in regards to this stage of my career and my life. I was married. I had the dog. I was self-employed. I had a job I genuinely loved! I was working from home part-time, full time during quarantine. I was also setting my own schedule and I had so much freedom! The freedom that I craved and motivated me to be my own boss in the first place.

So why did I hate Mondays so much? Why was I just surviving Monday-Thursday? Why was I so stressed and depressed those 4 days of the week? Why was I literally dreading half of my life? Didn’t I become self-employed so I wouldn’t have to feel this way? So that I could create a life I loved? UGH!! SO THEN WHY I DIDN’T I LOVE IT?!

Let me tell you. Me, myself and I had a come to Jesus meeting and I finally came to the understanding that I was the problem. Not my career, not my life, ME. My mindset about working and my mindset about Mondays was really negative. It was even automatic. I didn’t have to think about hating Monday-Thursday, I just did it. And the worst part about it was, I didn’t even know why… because like I said earlier, I thought I had everything I wanted at this point in my career and in life. So why was I so damn negative? 🙄

The funny thing about mindset, is that we have complete control. I know, crazy right? We go around blaming external things for our attitude, environment, health, finances and-yep, you guessed it-MINDSET. So who gets to choose what external things affect our life? We do. Hard pill to swallow. I know. But we choose to watch the news, engage in Facebook, have those conversations with co-workers, spend too much money, allow unhealthy boundaries and relationships, eat shit food, party a little too hard, etc.

So back to me. What was I choosing that was causing me such a negative mindset? I was choosing the societal belief system that work sucks. I was choosing to work to the point of burnout. I was choosing not to manage my time wisely. I was choosing to put myself and my needs last. I was choosing procrastination. I was choosing negative thoughts. I was choosing to let my life run me, instead of running my life.

Now I’m not saying we can’t have bad days or that some of us don’t have jobs that super suck. Lord knows, I have days where I’m looking for the tequila and queso. 🥃 I’m simply saying we have choice. I am saying we all have to power to change our mindset and our perception of our experiences. Some of us are even blessed enough to have the opportunity to change our environment.

I would be lying if I said Friday-Sunday aren’t still my favorite days of the week. But today I can honestly say that I wake up looking forward to every day. I look forward to Mondays and a fresh start. I am grateful to even have a job and be capable of working.

So, the thing you’ve all been waiting for. How do we make this shift? First, let go of the expectations you have for the week. Expectations are the quickest way to disappointment. Like McDonald's when you're sober. Instead, focus on goals for the week.

Next, sit down and write out all of the areas in your life that don’t feel good to you. Finances, Relationships, Career, etc. Once you identify those areas, which areas do you have the power to change? And what specifically needs to change? Time management? Set a schedule. Burnout? Work a little less and/or increase selfcare. Debt? Cut out all unnecessary spending. Negativity? Focus on gratitude. Lastly, get a therapist, life coach, or accountability partner. Change happens best with support. 💕

With one consistent step at a time, before you know it, life will no longer run you. You will run it….(for the most part). Like a boss. 💪



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