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Push for a Healthier Lifestyle: Diet & Exercise

Ready for a story?

A few weeks ago I visited a new church with a few friends. It was a great experience and afterwards we joined up with their young adult group for lunch. While we were eating, a guy came up and asked, “So, is it Parents’ Weekend?” Our group exchanged confused glances to which his response was, “Siblings’ Weekend?” Once it was explained that my friend, Tillie*, and I were just visiting with our mutual friend Amy* (who’d started going there recently), he immediately tried to brush it off with a “I just made this awkward, didn’t I?” We all laughed and brushed it off. However, a few hours later, Tillie messaged me that she still wondered who he thought was the parent-- most likely one of us since he recognized the others at our table. And that’s when she mentioned how she’s trying to be healthier by eating better and exercising more. And she wanted to know if I’d be interested in joining her.

It’s interesting how an innocent comment can push you to start rethinking things in your life. Someone thinks I look older than I am → It must be related to my body → How can I change my body? → Diet and Exercise! At least that’s my thought process. It’s another comment to add to my list of reasons of why I want to change. Now, this could be a post about the power of words and how they affect us. And how this guy’s comment sent me down a spiral of unhealthy habits. But, that’s not this post! Sometimes, you really do need an extra push to start working on what you want, and that’s what this is.

So, here’s our commitment to a healthier lifestyle:

Creating a weekly meal plan.

I’ve been lax about this lately. I’m overwhelmed by recipes on Pinterest and end up stopping before I even get started.

Buying groceries for the week on Saturday.

This has been so easy to skip most weeks because who loves grocery shopping? Usually I grab what I can when I’m hungry, whether it’s at a store or a drive-thru.

Walking for 30 minutes everyday.

To help with this, I’ve set alarms at every hour telling me to get up and move!

Taking one workout class a month.

I’ve been really wanting to try Zumba, and a free class is offered every week downtown-- making things even easier!

And there you have it! Our goals for trying to make some healthy eating and exercising habits!

How about you? What are you doing to keep up a healthy lifestyle? Let us know; we could always use more tips!

*Names changed for privacy.

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